BSC (Bitcoin Smart Contract) is a great improvement to Bitcoin. It integrates the functionality of smart contracts into the Bitcoin system, giving developers the ability to build decentralized applications on Bitcoin. It would bring about a new hard fork, on which Bitcoin holders can use their existing funds directly. BSC will combine the unlimited creative space of smart contracts and the vast network effect of Bitcoin, which will be a very meaningful combination and exploration.


Tools: Coming Soon...

Documents: Homepage, Whitepaper


  • Mar 2020, Testnet. In late March 2020, a Testnet will be released, including basic functions such as blockchain and smart contracts.
  • Jun 2020, Mainnet. In June 2020, about one month after the Bitcoin halving happens, release the mainnet of BSC, including all functions of the blockchain and a QT wallet.
  • Sep 2020, Toolchain. Release a toochain for smart contracts, including contract templates, development tools, and runtime tools.
  • Dec 2020, Wallets. Improve and support multiple types of wallets, including QT wallet, SPV wallet, web wallet and mobile wallet.

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